Heel cord clipping and last cast!

So glad that we are at the end of Phase 1! This cast will stay on for 3 weeks to give time to the Achilles tendon for healing. They actually cut through the entire tendon and amazingly enough it reattaches correctly. In an adult it would never reattach and you couldn’t walk again. Babies are amazing aren’t they?!




When we go back we will get her boots and bar and she will start wearing that full time. That is phase 2 and will last until she can stand. Phase 3 will be only wearing the boots and bar at night time until she’s 3 years old. We have a long way to go still but I am excited about her progress! She has been a trooper! :-)

She’s 3!!

Just when I think she can’t get any bigger of a personality, she goes and surprises me! Some comments about her birthday…

(After the boys and I made her a paper chain to count down the days) “Don’t touch my paper chain boys. It’s pink and purple and I don’t want it ripped. It stays up on the wall.” (Evil glare.)  {Meet the boss.}

“I’m not turning 3 on my birthday. I’m staying 2.  I’m a little gewrl!”  (The next day) “I’m not 2 anymore. I’m going to be 5.  I’m a big gewrl!” {Meet the BIG feelings.}


“I want an Elsa cake with princess Anna and Olaf and a cow and a barner (farmer/barn word combo there) on top.” Here she is with her Elsa cake minus the barner.  She is a lot of sass, spunk and fun! As you can tell we are working on making appeals vs giving commands, using words appropriately and maneuvering BIG feelings. :)


Our Charlie Jo may be a boss, but she has a lot of tenderness and empathy in that little heart too. She continues to love on baby sister and insists on snuggles from the boys at bedtime. When I was slow moving at the end of pregnancy she asked everyday…”are you still hurtin mama?” And now that Jeremiah has his cast she brings him things, carries his crutches and asks him…”you ok brother?” We think she might make a good nurse with those traits!



Did I mention you can love something until it goes limp?


(This bunny fared a little better.)  She is definitely fun loving and giggly and all things girly. She has opinions about her shoes and loves Nanee’s lipgloss and Great Grams nail polish. She will play “mom and dad” with Jon for hours if he lets her!


Accessories for the pool much?




Late nite giggles….and who could forget…..


The crazy face. Don’t mess.  She has taught us so much in these 3 short years and I’m sure will continue to keep us on our toes! We love you to pieces Charlie Jo! Happy Birthday to our big 3 year old!


straight feet and good news!

So I snapped a pic between cast 4 and 5 and WOW…this foot is looking STRAIGHT!  Yay!  Here is the before any casts…


and here is the NOW picture!


That ankle…wow!  It’s red because of the swelling, but that is normal.  Doc is really happy with how it’s turned and he says only 1 more cast (#6) and 1 more trip down to Marshfield. Woohoo!  This momma is happy considering it could have been 8 casts.  At her visit next time she will get her heel clipped (not sure how that all works yet) and get trained on the boots and bar (her brace).  That will be another whole adventure with diaper changes and clothing!

Also we got her weighed today (it’s been hard to get her weight since she has the cast on) and she is 8 lbs 12 oz!  She gained over 2 lbs in 2 weeks!  It’s crazy how she is the size the boys were when they were born!

We are making progress!

Catherine Jane : 1 month

Miss Catherine Jane is doing so well!  She has been a REALLY great sleeper which makes mama happy and sane.  Normally she is up once a night between 11pm and 7am.  Can’t ask for much more from a newborn!  She loooooves to be held especially when she’s going to sleep.  Now that our company is gone I’ve obviously had to put her down more for her naps and she lets us know she’s not very happy about that.  Literally the moment we pick her up she sighs and falls asleep.  It’s pretty cute.


The crossed eyes are pretty normal at this stage so we are told.  They don’t usually worry about eye exams until they are 6 months, so hopefully those eye muscles develop and stay straight!





This last one reminds me of the tango or something.  I keep hearing “La Cucaracha” in my head!  Maybe she’ll be a dancer!  :)

casting: week 3 & 4

These last 2 weeks we’ve gotten a break from the hour drive to Marshfield and the pediatric orthopedist came to us.  Yay!  We saw him at the hospital here last week and he was happy with the way her foot is turning!


Her poor little leg is all flaky even though I rubbed her down with coconut oil.  Her skin hasn’t had time to adjust to being out of water literally since it went into the cast 3 days after birth!  You can see how her ankle is swollen due to the turning which is normal.

This week (week 4) was unbelievably significant.  We were both so surprised at how different her foot looked (in a good way)!  Of course, I totally forgot to take a picture of it so you will have to wait for week 5’s installment!  Her cast this week though actually looks like a normal casted foot.


He looks surprised at how big his leg is next to hers!!!


What a memory we have here.  Two matching full leg casts on our kids.  Oy!