how it’s been

God is really gonna get some glory here, because wow.  This first trimester has just been pretty much a BREEZE.  I was really really NOT wanting to be pregnant anytime between November 2014 and March 2015 and if you do the math IT HAPPENED.  We got pregnant in February and I knew for sure my whole March tour de Florida would be remembered by which toilets I spent the most time in front of.  The thought was depressing, but I figured, well at least I’ll have the help of friends and family while I’m down there miserable!

God just likes to surprise us with the totally unexpected!

As we traveled to Florida (week 6) I began the countdown..just a week or two and I should be out of commission with nausea, vomiting and fatigue.  Week 7 and 8 and 9 came and no vomiting!  A touch of nausea here and there (which weirdly enough was comforting to know that hormones were still doing their jobs in there), but nothing else!  Patrick and I drove back to IL during week 10 and I felt pretty good, other than ravenous hunger stops.

That’s the physical side of things!  Now onto the deeper stuff.  This pregnancy took me longer to get excited about.  “Growing” is the best word I can think of.  It has grown to be an exciting thing, but the reality is having a foster situation going on where we really don’t know the future is hard!  Neither of us are willing to be done with fostering JJ because we’re preggo.  We are committed to him so this doesn’t change things.  It does make it a little more complex though, no?! ;)

I honestly try not to think too much on what will happen October 2015.  I’d rather let God write that story and have learned over the years I’m not in charge of it anyway!!

February 24th

Something pretty exciting happened to us 2/24.  Before I divulge, let me give you an idea of the frayed and beaten state we were in that day.

We were just coming off a weekend of finding out our dog had Lyme’s again, which meant she was dropping presents all over our house because she wouldn’t go outside.  We also had a little boy, T, for respite care over the weekend who ended up projectile vomiting over 6 feet of my couch and carpet.  Not to mention my neighbors daughter went to the ER so we watching her son for the day too.  That put us up to 6 kids under 6.  The odds weren’t with us.

By Monday we had cleaned up a lot of vomit and gotten through an almost mental breakdown, T got picked up, neighbor kid went home, and dog got her meds.  Things were looking up!  An hour after I texted T’s foster mom Tuesday that no one in our house was infected, my daughter vomited all over her bed, which let’s just say had to be combed out because the shampoo wasn’t doing it.  Not much later, JJ decided he didn’t want to be left out so he began projectile vomiting.  If you’ve never seen a baby puke, it’s quite the experience.  It’s like completely unbeknownst to them a waterfall begins pouring from their mouth.  When the waterfall stops, they stare in amazement and begin playing in the puddle.

I digress.

So about this time is when the news hits.  Maybe you’ve guessed it.  We are pregnant.

You might be expecting tears?  Mental anguish?  Denial?

We are sitting on the couch in our basement, no kids, tv on mute, laughing.  Like belly laughing about the hilarity of this news.  I’m pretty sure I smell vomit in my hair still.  The first thing we both said was, “This is a gift.  Thank you God.”  After that we sat in silence for a bit.  Processing, sinking in, accepting with a growing joy.

I type this with a sick a 2 year old laying across me.  JJ is taking his mid morning nap.  The boys will be home soon from ice fishing.  We are blessed.  Again.


Sometimes I wonder… is every attitude, every emotion or response really just about perspective?

After coming home from our month snowbird tour and spending many weeks living out of a suitcase and cramming multiple bodies into one bedroom, I couldn’t believe the size of my house.  Really, it sounds dumb, but when I walked in and saw my kitchen and remembered all of our individual bedrooms I felt like one rich woman!!!

When I was pregnant with Jon I was overwhelmed at the thought of how I would get 2 kids, ages 2 and infant out of the car and into a store.  I remember obsessing over how I might position the carseats in order to do this in the easiest way possible.  Now when we are down by 2, half of the little people are gone, and I’m thinking, wow!  This is almost like a day off!  Last night one of our kids was on a playdate and the other at a sleepover and Pat said…”it’s like we’re by ourselves!”

It really is about perspective!