nursery updates

So I love decorating and all, but after 4 babies, the nursery decor excitement train loses some steam.  I loved Charlotte’s girlie nursery and kept it that way even through our foster son’s year long stay (some things you just can’t give up), and so much of it is the same.  Here are some pics and a few updates!


Crib has been Lysol’d…check!


Hairbow organizer remains and is overflowing..haa.  It’s hard to see but under the pic of the kids it says “Waiting For You!”


I really like how this turned out.  Her name sign and verse.  The girls will share the angel shelf underneath.  There’s 19 more coming so glad we have somewhere to put them.  These were mine and I got one every year for 21 years from my gram!  So now they are being passed down from my mom’s curio cabinet!

The verse is James 1:5.  Such a cool God story on this one. We always like to have a verse go with the kids names and for some reason God seems to just always bring the right one during the pregnancy.  This one was interesting because I had thought of it A LOT the last 6 months but never really felt SURE this was it.  I even wrote it in my journal with a big question mark by it.  When Patrick and I were on our marriage retreat I asked him for ideas for a verse for her and never told him about this one.  He hasn’t ever come up with the verse before…it’s always been me.  So immediately after I asked him the question he came out with “JAMES 1:5”.  He didn’t even know what it said.  He just said he kept thinking of that reference and as I was talking to him, he almost got up and went to look it up!  God is so good and I love the way He works in showing us that He brings these children, their names and verses….we can think we are in control of all that, but He is SO directing our steps!


Lastly, I love these pillows!  My gram made them for me and they are perfect for the rocker where I will spend lots of time nursing and rocking and probably sleeping!!!  Thanks Gram!



I get these reports from Char’s “teachers” that are just SO different than my boys. On Tuesdays and Wednesdays she is in a class in the mornings when I am either teaching at our church or doing Bible study. So she is with mostly two and three year olds. Over the last few weeks I have been noticing similar themes that different teachers report to me. It is really quite entertaining!

Here are a few comments:
T: I guess she is going to be a leader huh?
Me: Oh why is that?
T: Well because she tells all the other kids to be quiet while she answers all the questions!

T: Charlie let us know today that she didn’t like the activity we picked and went over to the cabinets and got her own play-doh.

T: Charlie arranged an area in the room for her tea party, got chairs for us (the teachers) and told us to sit down.

T: We asked her when her sister was coming and she told us very matter of factly, this Friday.

This girl is too much! My dad said it well when we found out we were having another girl… Good! That one needs to be dethroned!

jalapenos and nesting

The nesting phase has kicked in!  Plus it is fall so major cooking, canning, freezing and baking are either underway or about to begin!  This weekend me and my sous chef (short cute blonde haired guy good at wielding a knife) shredded and diced 7 lbs of tomatoes, a bucket of carrots, 6 onions and a bunch more celery and basil.  All but the celery was from our garden!  We made 7 gallon bags of tomato basil bisque which is always delicious in the winter with a grilled cheese!

Speaking of grilled cheese, I found this jalapeno (we have jalapeno’s coming out of our ears over here) popper grilled cheese with bacon recipe that I cannot wait  to try!  Which leads me to a point I wanted to make:  One of my biggest pregnancy cravings this time around has been anything spicy and hot!!!  Jalapeno’s especially!  At the Panera drive through today, Patrick actually just asked….do you have anything on the menu with jalapenos?  Ha!

Other nesting accomplishments:  Super cute diaper bag ordered from Amazon, hospital list made, daily schedule written out for whoever is in charge, Halloween costumes for the kids chosen, super cute “Family of 6” sign in progress, super cute name sign in progress, and ingredients bought so tomorrow Jon and I can bake apple bars to freeze.

Next weekend hopefully I will have wall art finished and can post some pics of the nursery!

34 weeks

It’s so weird to think in a few more weeks the countdown begins.  I hate to type this and be wrong, but I just have this suspicion that Catherine Jane may defy the odds and actually be EARLY.  Since this pregnancy has been so different than the last 2, I don’t know why she can’t be prompt in coming on out and meeting us unlike the others who baked for 7 and 10 days post due date!

She has been moving everyday and kicking my bladder a lot.  I’m also getting to the point where the bigness is just getting uncomfortable.  You know, putting shoes on a 2 year old hoping your maternity jeans don’t slide down kind of uncomfortable.  I started sleeping with Jeremiah a few nights ago because his bed is the softest (seriously like the Mama Bear’s bed in Goldilocks soft) and it is so much better on my insanely relaxed hip joints.

Charlotte asks about baby Catherine daily and every naptime we start out a story like this: “Once upon a time there was Charlie Jo and baby Catherine and they went to the _________.”  They have been to the zoo, the park, school and many other places.  The story basically revolves around Catherine being scared to do stuff and Char shows her how it’s done!

I am starting this weekend on getting the nursery done done.  It has been ready for her now for awhile, but JJ is officially “moving out” and I need to wash sheets, finish her name sign, wipe down the crib, and clean out the dresser.  Oh and the carpet cleaning people are coming to sanitize so that room is going to be cleaner than it’s been in about 3 years!  Yay!