homeschooling : the benefits

I don’t post about it much on here but it is such a huge part of our days!  And I just want to say… I love it!  There are hard days, but most days are really a blessing.  We are considering transitioning to public school next year for Jeremiah, not because we don’t want to homeschool, but because we hope to help him learn to navigate the world and outside influences knowing we have laid a solid foundation in character training, conflict resolution and our faith!

Here are the 3 biggest benefits I have seen from our homeschooling the last 3 years:

1. Character Training – Homeschooling brings out character flaws, not just in the students, but in mom!!  Patience, self control, being slow to speak, quick to listen, putting others first….to name a few!  When your kids are at school for 8 hours, then home to play/bath/homework/dinner, the opportunities to train are greatly reduced.

2. Sibling Bonds – Wow, this one is huge.  When kids are with their peers all day, their world is very peer focused.  Their ability/desire to play with kids younger than themselves is diminished.  I have watched my 6 year old play with a 5 month old for almost an hour with joy!  My boys are absolutely best friends.  They play together for hours with no fighting (lots of time on the above #1 early on with that one!) and truly enjoy each other’s company.  I know so many siblings who don’t like each other and want separate rooms.  All 3 of my kids would sleep in the same bed every night if we let them!

3. Life Skills – Learning does not have to be at a desk.  But when you have 25 kids in a classroom you are very limited in that way.  Our learning happens when my 6 year old makes banana muffins in the kitchen.  He measures, he operates the oven, he learns the difference between 1/2 and 1/3 cup.  Our science lesson may happen when we walk down the road and discover a patch of grass filled with crickets and grasshoppers.  2 years ago that turned into a 2 week unit on comparing and contrasting insects!  Or for lunch we go out to our favorite place and have J read the menu and order speaking loudly and clearly, looking the waitress in the eye.

Did I mention going to the Shedd Aquarium mid week or taking a road trip across the country for a month or reading an amazing book and seeing the matinee when all the other kids are in school?   There is a part of me that will really miss homeschooling if we do transition next year!  I still have a few others to train up though so I am glad to start the process over with them. :)

could it be!?!

Could it be that very soon we will have ALL of our kids out of diapers!?!  I’m really having a moment this weekend!!  Charlie Jo has been dry all weekend (except for nighttime)!!  She totally gets how to hold in the pee and when to make it come out!  Yahoo!!!  We have been working on the potty for about 3 weeks on and off now.  This weekend it all just clicked for her!  That makes her our youngest potty trained kiddo yet at 25 months, which doesn’t surprise me because she’s also our most determined kid yet!  I am so stinkin proud of her!