a bump in the road

It’s the one you get after the 20 week ultrasound.  Sometimes a nurse will call to say…everything looks great!  But when the doctor calls with a “call me back,” that’s never good.  We got that call this Friday and learned that our little girl most likely has a clubfoot.  The ultrasound tech couldn’t get a good picture of her right foot so we were scheduled to go to the big hospital in these parts (about 50 min south) to meet with a fetal maternal specialist and get a more in depth ultrasound this week.

That ultrasound happened this past Tuesday and again they confirmed her right foot was clubbed.  For those that don’t know, it means the foot is turned like a J inward toward the other foot.  See below…


You are looking at the right foot from the back.  So you see the back of the calf and the heel.  It definitely is turned inward.


This one was in my last post.  Did you notice anything funny?  You are looking at her left leg which is normal.  But you can see the bottom of her right foot facing the camera.  It shouldn’t be turned in like that.

The good news from this second ultrasound was that this is what is called “isolated unilateral clubfoot”.  That means there is nothing else wrong and it is only the 1 foot affected.  That is a huge relief because there are a number of other “scary” diagnosis that can go along with clubfoot.  We are grateful that she is otherwise developing perfectly!

More good news….clubfoot is completely correctable with a series of castings right after the baby is born.  They do normally have to wear a brace and special shoes for a few months following the castings as well.  Depending on the severity, she may have to wear a brace on her leg at nighttime until she is 3 or 4.  Also clubfoot does not affect walking, running, jumping or any other motor skill.  Actually I learned last week that Mia Hamm and Kristi Yamaguchi were both born with clubfoot!!  How amazing is that?!

At first I had a big cryfest when the doctor called and told me the diagnosis.  It sounded so scary and overwhelming.  But as we’ve processed and learned a lot and also found out nothing else is wrong, it is actually relieving.  It is doable.  When we sat down with the fetal maternal specialist (read: doctor used to giving really sad sad news to parents), she was actually smiling and saying..”I don’t get to say this much, but there is nothing to worry about!  This is fixable and everything else looks perfect!”  It was cute that she was so excited for us.  She even told us “congratulations”…it gave us some perspective on how grateful we should be in this circumstance.  And it is nothing that in 5 or 10 years we won’t just call a bump in the road.

ultrasound pics!

We had 2 ultrasounds this time around.  1 at 20 weeks and another at 21 weeks (I’ll explain in my next post.)  But would you believe we got over 400 pics of this little girl?!!  She moves around A LOT for her pictures too.  Both tech’s used the term “uncooperative”!!!  Uh oh!

This one is so funny and cute.  It looks like she is blowing bubbles in there.  She yawned and sucked her thumb multiple times during this ultrasound.


This next one is of acrobatic baby!  I asked…uh, is that kinda weird looking and the tech seemed unfazed.  She said babies can be in some really crazy positions in the womb and they are fine! It looks like she is crossing her legs here.


This is the pic Jeremiah saw when he read the gender to us.  I have no idea what I’m looking at in this pic, so no worries if you’re as confused as I am.  The tech did say she was 99% sure and got 4 good pics to ensure it was a girl!  She also told us she never says she’s 100% sure on anything!


Left leg and some toes :)


Legs crossed at the ankle.


We got some 4D too, but they are just creepy looking!  I have never liked the 4D at this stage and at our last ultrasound the tech told us that they really don’t get normal looking until the 3rd trimester because that’s when they get some fat on them.  Right now they are still pretty skinny I guess.



More on Catherine Jane

This pregnancy has been different in so many ways, and interestingly enough, it is has been different for Patrick too.  He has felt really bonded to her throughout this pregnancy, partly because he chose the name (with my approval!).  It is interesting to see how each pregnancy is different just as each child is different.  We expect the same old thing, yet why wouldn’t there be differences since each one is uniquely formed and knit together by our Creator?!

We have always loved the name Jane.  We considered it for a first name, but wanted to stick with our CJS initials since we had done that with the boys (JSS).  Jane means the same as Jon = graciously given by God.  Catherine has a few different meanings but the most common are pure and clear.  For me, the phrase “God graciously gives clarity” is very meaningful for a number of reasons.  It is so neat to see how God could plant a name in Patrick’s mind and the meaning of it makes perfect sense to me!

As for me, I am also feeling that bond growing.  I already am excited to meet her!  Last time around, although I was excited to meet our first girl, Charlie Jo, I also had some anxiety about going from 2 to 3.  This time around, because we’ve already had a #4 with our foster son, going from 3 to 4 seems like old news.  So as long as all goes well with our foster sons reunification, I would be happy if she surprised us and unlike anyone else, came EARLY!

IT’S A……..????!!!!

We had our 20 week ultrasound this morning and brought the boys.  They have never been to the big ultrasound before.  Jeremiah was pretty interested and could point things out and Jon lasted about 15 minutes before he zoned out.  We had her seal an envelope for us with GIRL or BOY in it and we planned to have Jeremiah read it to us over a donut breakfast.  He liked this idea of being the first to know!

So after we got seated, he opened up the envelope and read…




He was very happy about this because he wanted a sister from the start.  Jon unfortunately thinks sisters “don’t listen” so he wanted a brother.  We were all pretty happy about this news except for Jon who said, “well I hope this one listens better!”

I was mildly relieved to hear this news for somewhat dumb reasons.  1 is that I love the nursery all girlie and plan to keep it that way plus order some cute new bedding.  (Probably tonight because I’ve been looking forward to this for awhile!)  2 is that this just makes the whole bedroom sharing situation a lot easier.  Eventually when baby is old enough she can share a room with Charlotte and Jon can be free of the sister who “doesn’t listen.”  haa!

Yay for girls!